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As a 500-ton-captain with over 10 years’ experience, captaining Hatteras, Viking, Westport, and Sunseeker yachts, Paul is an asset to the Denison Yachting sales team.

Born in Daytona Beach, Paul grew up around boats working in engine rooms alongside his do-it-yourself grandfather.  A self-made man, Paul’s grandfather taught him the joys of working hard and fixing your own equipment. With these lifelong virtues instilled, Paul earned an AB Special job on 180’ crew boats in the oil fields of the Louisiana Gulf. This teeth-cutting experience provided Paul with diverse knowledge in maintaining and safely-operating dangerous machinery, oil rigging, radar mapping, STCW, and helicopter operating near marine vessels.

Currently residing in Delray Beach, FL with his golden-retriever Banksy, Paul uses his 30-years of experience to help owners and operators make prudent decisions in buying, selling, operating, and maintaining boats.

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Paul Denton ~ Denison Yachting

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