Why it’s good to have a broker on your team when buying

-trustworthy feedback


-stress-free negotiation

-educated conversations to fit your needs

-staying on course of your expectations

Well, let’s put yourself in our shoes… With the end goal to sell, some representatives will do whatever it takes to get you onboard the pushing product. This “whatever it takes” could come with some dishonesty. After all, yacht brokers are humans too. Some want a quick transaction; some intend to make a long-lasting career.

You can tell the type you are working with within a few phone calls & the first experience of seeing a yacht with your broker. The leg work before your showing should prevent wasted time.

An educated broker should have a good idea of what things cost onboard. If the cushions, isinglass, engines, electronics need to be replaced or attention, discussing the items with a dollar value will help with any other negotiations or presenting a offer.

When buying a yacht, are you fishing, booze cruising, family outings, or for business? If you aren’t already set on size & manufacturer, this is an excellent opportunity to set the expectation for what you want see if the broker provides valuable feedback.

After all this has been discussed, and you keep receiving vessels that don’t fit your expectations. Maybe time to refresh your search! Happy hunting!

“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”

Paul Denton Jr

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