What Marinas/Contractors are operational?

Madness follows COVID-19 around the world, and even into the marine industry! So what can you do to stay active?

Marine Facilities Open 4-08-2020

You can still operate a boat TODAY! Yes, while this pandemic may slow your work/love/social life, it need not affect your Marine life!

If you are like me, you visit Marine facilities every day. Without fail. And that is because I have been fortunate to work in many different capacities within the industry, and I still do. My sales and management business (Quality Yachting Solutions) keeps me up to date with how many shipyards, marine contractors, and crew are actually at-work. And like these vital roles, the role I take while managing vessels relies on three words: TIME, COST, & QUALITY. No one likes to waste time on a boat. No one likes to spend excess money on boat-upkeep. And, no one likes being left on the high-and-dry! So that is why I find it extremely important to create a well-thought out plan with quality boat yards and even better people. So, let me save you the time of my mistakes! Check out these quality people and places that are open during this pandemic time:

Stuart – West Palm Beach FL

Apex Marine Stuart FL- (772) 692-7577 https://www.apexmarinesales.com/stuart/

Mike Macklin – Electrican (772)215-3623

Kyle Woodwork – Carpenter (772) 924-8844

Craig Kitchell – A/C Contractor (772) 971-3806

Zach Levay – Canvas Work (561) 249-9043

Zack Boynton – Carpenter (772) 486-2240

Quality Yachting Solutions – General Services (386) 295-4668

Sailfish Marina Stuart – Fuel (772) 283-1122

Fort Lauderdale – Miami FL

Lowell South Florida Diesel – (631)379-9370

Bahia Mar Marina – Fuel & Over night dockage can use pool facilities – (954)627-6309

BDP Marine- Yacht Management -(954) 242-3678

John Beldsoe -A/C- (954) 829-3733

Creative Wood Concepts – Carpenter – (354) 849-3743

Pandemic Boating? 4-09-2020

Recreational boating is still legal, but the launching of those boats may not be! (I guess coffee with local law enforcement kicking surfers out of the water does have its perks)…FL cities have prohibited the use of boat ramps, thus prohibiting our trailer-driven fun! So unfortunately, your trailer-chauffeured boat now need a private launch to get into the water, safely. BUT, if your vessel is located behind your home/already in the water, give me a call (or don’t) and enjoy a sunrise/sunset cruise, toss a line in, or just sit dockside floating into meditation. I am there with you.

“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”

Paul Denton Jr

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