Tales of the Seas

Have you ever been caught in the SH*T?

Boating is like Parenthood — It has its ups and Downs

How much time have you spent on the ocean? Enough to run into some fight-or-flight moments?

Picture this, you are heading offshore on a 80′ motor yacht. The sun is shining, light breeze through your hair, a good song on your iTunes mix, and you are about to get your first glance of the sea… it’s FLAT! Personally one of my favorite sights because I foresee smoooooooooth ‘sailing.’

Now we start gently, easing the throttle forward to get to — BANG, alarm sounds! The coolant-temperature is rising rapidly, so you send the mate down to check the engine room. Mate runs back nervously and yells “Kill the port motor”!

This is when you thank your boat mates for being good at what they do. OR you shiver with fear because your mate is a greenhorn… So you kill the port motor. Alarm is blaring. Starboard coolant-temp is shooting up.

All of a sudden, just when you had an idea about how to fix it, you hear “we are taking on water! ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Bigger problem. So now, you kill the starboard motor, you attempt to drop anchor, and you rush to the water intrusion to do whatever to fix it.

Sure enough, to make matter’s worse, the anchor’s windlass is hydraulic powered and you cannot deploy the anchor. Sh!t.

So what do you ?

You fire-up the starboard motor and try to deploy the anchor. You keep your eyes and ears peeled for container ships passing by. You get on the VHF with the harbor master and notify him/her of the situation. Next, you call your local tow-boat service to request help removing the water currently flooding the engine room. And because motors are down, you cannot even use the motor’s emergency bilge pump! Water is gushing in.

Thankfully, the tow service arrives and drops two submersible emergency pumps into the engine room bilge. You help run the hose to the closest overboard location, you turn the on pumps, and you put that water back where it came from!

Now that you kept the boat afloat, you re-assess the cause to find your shaft-seal ceased an burnt up! No choice now but to lock up the props as best you can, and tow her into the nearest yard for an emergency haul-out. Life hits you fast!

Work, personal issues, pandemics, zoo escapes, you never really know what or how to react until it happens. So how can you prepare yourself best?

Check out my post next week to see!!

“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”

Paul Denton Jr

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