Survey & Sea Trial Expectations

Congrats! You are one step closer to getting on the water. I’m sure your broker has mentioned during the search to find your vessel, “After we get a “acceptance” an offer, I ALWAYS suggest we do a mechanical, hull and running survey.” If not, RUN! We are used to help our clients get exactly what they want and expected. We are not opening up heat exchangers, diving under water for current boat paint and running gear conditions, turning on EVERY system onboard during the “showing” process. It is important to complete this “survey & sea trial” process.

How the Day Should Unfold

– Agreed upon location for sea trial

– Agreed upon Haul Out Location and Price (Buyer is responsible for yard and contractors fees)

-Some Buyers attend this process (Personally I suggest it)

-Sellers are best staying at home to prevent any conflicting conversations

-Buyer & representing broker arrive to vessel

-Hired mechanical surveyor will do some “cold” checks

-Hull surveyor will start dragging crew in various areas to show all items are functional

-Once “cold” checks completed by mechanic, throw the lines and head to the agreed upon haul out location

-Haul out the vessel (Pull boat out of the water to inspect the bottom)

-This is important to do prior to your mechanical running survey, we want to see a nice clean bottom to give the vessel its best opportunity for good preformance

-Hull surveyor will check for soft spots by banging a hammer around all waterline and below areas

-Check entire bottom of vessel

-Find a calm sea

-Launch the vessel

-Mechanical surveyor will ask the captain to run the vessel at various RPM levels usually starting at 900 RPMs ending at full load or 2350 RPMs (depending on the motors this is based off inboard diesels)

-Back to the dock

-About 48hrs later you will receive a detailed list of items found. Surveyor will be able to comment on all findings leaving you a report referencing items that need attention

Paul Denton Jr

“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”


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