Searching For Your Listing Yacht Broker

-Listing your yacht doesn’t take much effort. How well educated the yacht broker is should be key!

-There are hungry yacht brokers knocking on yachts everyday. The hungry is a great thing although should not be the only desired trait in your sales force.

-Whomever you decide to list the vessel with will be the voice, face and the “go-to” guy with all questions or concerns for yourself and prospective buyers. You will be talking, sometimes daily, with your representative. Let’s hope your personalities jive.

– I mention these comments because I how can you sell a yacht if I can’t relate? Personally being around boating industry since I was born (check the image of me as a kid) gives me knowledge about how to enjoy your time in various ways onboard the vessel. Not only as a pleasure boater but also as a previous yacht captain for years, I have 3000+ days on the water. Some better days then other but never experienced a day I wouldn’t relive or do over while boating.

-We all want top dollar or initial investment in the product back when it comes to selling. If your broker isn’t nitpicking every flaw in your vessel he either is scared to be transparent or hasn’t spent enough time in the industry.

-For myself it’s second nature to walk onboard point at items an give a ball park number for fixing usually within 10% margin. This came from experience, refitting multiple size vessels in shipyards gave me this knowledge. HANDS ON EXPERIENCE!

-Just like any industry, networking is a great thing! Being friendly with Electricians, Painters, Carpenters, Captains and Crew etc. Comes trial and error stories they have had working in the field.

-Availability, this is a must! When you are shopping for a yacht then finally decided to get more serious and call on a listing. That phone call should be answered or responded to ASAP! Even if we are busy, I have time for a quick text or a “can I call you back, if so when’s a good time?”

-Brokerage house is important, with yachts selling as much as $4.8billion “History Supreme” and escrow holds for deposits. It’s nice to know your money is backed by a multi billion dollar company.

“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”

Paul Denton Jr

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