Know Before You Go #FLIBS

Are you ready?

One of the best boat shows’ is right around the corner. Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, but do you have a plan?

With over 200 brokerage boats on display ranging from 26’ to 253’, $500,000.00 to $69,500,000.00, and even more boats offered outside the show, things can get a bit unorganized walking in freely. Stretched along the east side of the intercoastal waterway is approximately 3000 feet north to south, 1060 feet east to west, of pure boating heaven! Ranging from indoor tents, bars, outdoor vendors, center consoles, trawlers, sailboats, sportfishs, yachts, and mega yachts.

To throw a wrench in there, not all boats projected to be attending will actually be showcased within that landmass. There will be some vessels listed as attendees that have sold prior to the show, outside location (Pier 66, Holeman House, Rybovich, behind private residents, etc), not available for purchase, appointment only, and looked better in a photo.

It is important to work with a broker that can make this a great experience for you and set proper expectations. Personally, I send out a calendar to all my clients offering hour time slots. Once an appointment is booked, the tickets are sent, and with a quick call we discuss this year’s budget, size parameters, and types to consider. Do you plan to charter the vessel? Do you need financing? Do you fully understand operational costs? With that information, I get to work!

Starting with confirming vessels attendance, locations, condition, and price within search parameters given. All vessels will be sent to client with full specifications, and findings during previews for a final review. With confirmed boats of interest, I will map out the best plan of attack while timing the process. The goal is to make this a smooth process eliminating missed opportunities because of poor planning.

When you find the boat of your dreams, let’s sit down take a breath, and do a quick market analysis to properly advise your best starting offer. After acceptance and deposit, we move on to discussing hull, mechanical surveyors, and locking in a trail run date. From there we put her to the test and get your life started or prolonged on the water!

P.S. Not everyone comes to the boat show to buy or sell, this is a great event with unreal scenery, great parties, and even better people. We(brokers) are here to help, protect our client’s assets, build a network, and have a good time. Please never hesitate to ask questions dive into the details but understand we do have obligations. After all, we only get paid if we sell a boat!

Please share this blog to whom would benefit the quick read and don’t hesitate to reach out anytime for my assistance and calendar invite. See Vlog here ** Bio Vlog **


Paul Denton Jr 


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