Hunting Down Listings

-With the best marketing, globally driven support, and most knowledgeable brokerage team… there is no better choice than listing your yacht with Allied Marine and @quality_yachting .

-By no means is this all the details that go into the listing process. I wanted to show some steps and keep content in front of my audience. Any chance to get some quick educational videos, you bet I’m taking the opportunity to share with you all.

-Finding the vessel. I am always surrounded by opportunities to network on the docks, marina’s, shipyards, and numerous happy hours. The most vital leads come from referrals. Providing all my clients with the best customer service is mandatory. Cold calls, quick discussions while dock walking only goes so far.

-Assessing the asset. Not all vessels have an “open budget.” It is essential to see the yacht before providing market analysis. With changes happening daily, numerous manufactures, motors, and more. The study should be thought out, discussed with the client to come to an agreed-upon target asking price.

-Central listing agreement. Once all parties mutually agree to the target price. We get a central listing agreement signed to protect ourselves and the client. If you would like to review the CLA please reach out.

-Marketing. To get the best exposure, professional photography, videography, and drone shots will be scheduled asap! With these gorgeous images and videos, we blast them out to endless platforms, gaining real buyers’ attraction. Allied marine’s digital marketing team works endless hours to guarantee your vessel gets in front of the right clientele.

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“A Guide to Fun & Unnecessary Expenses”

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